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First Choice Facilities is dedicated to providing clients the highest standards of quality possible. Our top-rated facilities offer an expansive list of services, in top markets across the country, and outstanding project management for a productive research environment.

First Choice Facilities members provide the marketing research services below:

  • Field Management
  • Focus Groups
  • Qualitative Research
  • One on One’s
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Consumers, Medical and Business to Business Recruiting
  • Quantitative Research
  • Usability Tests
  • Living Room Set-up
  • DVD Recording
  • WiFi
  • IT Support
  • Teleconferencing
  • Jury Mock Trials
  • Sink & Mirror Research*
  • Test Kitchen*
  • Full Interviewing & Field Staff*
  • Multi-purpose rooms*

* = certain locations only


In addition to providing a full range of services, each of our member facilities offer the latest technology to ensure your project is a success.

  • High Speed Internet Access - T1: viewing and respondent rooms
  • All format recording: VHC, DVD/CD, and Mini-DV recording
  • Language translation: equipment with wireless head sets
  • Computers and Printers: in all viewing rooms
  • Usability Equipment: test your website or software. Use the picture in picture technology to record the website and the image of the respondent's reactions and click simultaneously.
  • Focus Vision: (videoconferencing, videomarker, videostreaming - visit
  • Active Group: (ActiveGroup, ActiveNotes, Instant Transcripts - visit
  • ViC Interclipper: visit

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